This week we take a look at yet another demonstration calling attention to Taiwan’s housing and property wealth disparity, an update on Turkey joining the fight against the Islamic State, and Hong Kong’s protests leveling off for the moment.

  • This weekend in Taipei over the 4th and the 5th, demonstrators camped out overnight outside of Taipei’s premier luxury apartment complex 帝寶, known in English as “The Palace.” The demonstrators were protesting high property prices due to speculation and developer manipulation, and called on the government to provide more public housing for rent…
  • On Tuesday, militants from the group the Islamic State, or ISIS, advanced into the Syrian-Kurdish town of Kobane, on the Turkish border. As Turkey contemplates entrenching itself further into conflicts right on its borders, it has serious calculations to make for itself, particularly against its more traditional enemies, Syria’s sitting government and the Kurdish independence movement…
  • After police tried to subdue mass protests in Hong Kong by tear gas and rubber bullets late Sunday night, the pro-democracy demonstrations that grabbed the world’s attention for an entire week seems to finally be subsiding, as student leaders from the protest met with government officials to discuss the process for official negotiations…(See here)

(Feature photo of luxury apartment The Palace in Taipei, by Solomon203 for Wikicommons, CC BY-SA 3.0)


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