In addition to reviewing US midterm elections’ impact on US-Taiwan relations and the Taipei mayor debates, we tell you about the annual autumn labor protest in Taiwan.

  • The Republicans claimed a decisive victory during last Tuesday’s United States midterm elections when the party successfully regained control at both chambers in Congress. Supporting Taiwan’s democratic consolidation and enhancing bilateral relations are largely bipartisan efforts, as China’s increasing aggressive behavior has demonstrated to a new generation of lawmakers Taiwan’s importance to US strategic goals in the Asia Pacific region…(see here)
  • On Friday November 7th, the top two candidates for Taipei mayor went on TV for their first televised debate. The two candidates, KMT’s Sean Lien and independent Ko Wen-je, delivered opening and closing speeches, as well as answered questions from civil groups…(see here)
  • Taiwan’s annual Fall Labor March, also known as the “Autumn Struggle,” took place over the weekend, as nearly 1,000 protesters congregated in front of the newly established National Development Council calling for “economic democracy”…

(Feature photo of the National Development Council, formerly the Council for Economic Planning And Development, by Chongkian on Wikicommons, CC BY-SA 4.0)


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