Lee Ming-che Pleaded Guilty in Chinese Court

  • Taiwanese activist Lee Ming-che appeared in a Chinese court in Hunan Province on Monday, pleading guilty to the charges of subversion of state power. In the 13 minute court proceeding, Lee accepted all the charges raised against him, and repeatedly confessed to have committed the crimes of subverting state power by criticizing the communist system in China through articles and online comments.
  • Lee finally met his wife, Lee Ching-yu after the trial, and she shared her sadness over Lee’s inability to voice his true feelings through a social media post. As for what would happen to Lee after this trial and how heavy his final sentence would be, it remains unclear to his family and the Taiwanese general public.

Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau Invited Popular German Instagrammer to Promote Taiwan

New Premier Gave All Civil Servants a 3% Salary Raise

  • Taiwan’s new Premier William Lai delivered his first major executive order on September 12th, promising to give all civil servants a 3% salary raise by adding an additional $18 billion NTD to the central government’s budget in 2018.
  • The order was passed on September 14th, and the group of people that will benefit from this decision include civil servants, teachers, policemen, soldiers, and employees of state-owned enterprises and banks. According to the Executive Yuan, Premier Lai hopes to boost morale among government workers, while setting up an example for companies in the private sector to follow suit.

Discovering Taipei’s Historic Trail through Dihua Street

  • A city’s history is often preserved in our surroundings and reflected in an unintentional way that residents may not pay special attention to. In this week’s love note, Taipei Love Notes takes us on a journey of discovering Taipei’s historic trail through Dihua Street.

(Feature photo of Dihua Street by William Yang)


William Yang

William is a freelance writer and photographer based in Taiwan, with a passion for human rights and storytelling. He holds a Master of Journalism degree from Temple University, and has extensive experiences interning at global NGOs such as Human Rights Watch and Mercy Corps.