Design for Double Ten ROC National Day

  • October 10th is celebrated in Taiwan as its National Day, and is sometimes colloquially referred to as “Taiwan’s birthday.”
  • However, October 10th is a holiday designated by the Republic of China (ROC) government to commemorate the start of the military coup that eventually brought down the Qing Empire in 1911, when Taiwan was a colony of Japan. Since the most of the Republic of China’s state symbols are retained from its original days from China, they invite controversy in Taiwan, especially on state holidays.
  • This year, the logo design features the colors blue, red, and green found on a kind of bag traditionally used in Taiwan, designed by award-winning designer Civi Cheng. Proponents praised the usage of a iconically commoner theme, but opponents criticized the preceived avoidance of the ROC’s national flag as a theme.

China Invades Taiwan in 2020?

  • US-China expert Ian Easton of Washington DC-based think tank Project 2049 has released a new book called The Chinese Invasion Threat: Taiwan’s Defense and American Strategy in Asia. The book details how the PRC would plan an execute an invasion of Taiwan.
  • Media reports have claimed that the book predicts China wil invade by 2020. But commentator Michael Turton points out the book does no such thing in a book review. Instead, he says the book offers an optimistic affirmation of Taiwan’s chances in a fight against China.   

Possible Third Major Airline in Taiwan

  • Taiwan could see a third major international airline, StarLux Airlines, join the skies after China Airlines and EVA Air, as early as 2019.
  • The founder of StarLux, Chang Kuo-wei, succeeded as the Chairman of EVA Air after his late father and founder Chang Jung-fa. However, a family succession fight resulted in Chang Kuo-wei’s removal.
  • The future of Taiwan’s aviation industry is still untested; Taiwan’s first commercial airline, TransAsia Airways, suffered two major crashes in 2014 and 2015, and abruptly ended all services after it became insolvent last November.

Love Note to Bopiliao

  • This week we go back in time for a Taipei Love Notes entry on Bopiliao, a slice of history in Bang-ka (Wanhua), part of “old Taipei.” After the 2010 movie Monga shot here, this area became an attraction for history buffs and youngsters alike.


Chieh-Ting Yeh

Chieh-Ting Yeh is the co-founder of Ketagalan Media. After working in think tanks and political parties in London and Taipei, he earned his law degree from Harvard. He has been a long time thinker of Taiwan's history, politics, and nationalism. He is currently based in Silicon Valley.