History and culture are the frames that prescribe how we understand what is happening around us. The Ketagalan Project presents in-depth interviews and thoughts on how art, culture, history and politics intertwine through time and space to connect us. Find out about the cosmopolitan modern Taipei downtown in the 1920s, the gay subculture in the 1970s, the future of aboriginal culture and more, below.

A New Beginning in Taiwan

  Chieh-Ting Yeh is the co-founder of Ketagalan Media. After working in think tanks and political parties in London and Taipei, he earned his law degree from Harvard. He has been a long time thinker of Taiwan's history, politics, and nationalism. He is currently...



Taiwanese, American, Actor, in Taiwan: Daniel Tang

Tang is a part of the growing phenomenon of Asian Americans returning to Asia to pursue entertainment. Like many of these young Asian Americans, he’s weary of Hollywood’s overall lack of opportunity and advancement for Asian faces.


我坐在 Giovanni 與 Coco Filippini 的廚房、汗流浹背,但當我看到他們拿著一瓶冰涼的聖沛黎洛 (San Pellegrino) 氣泡水出來時,我就知道頂著酷熱、跋山涉水來到這間隱密的義大利餐廳是值得的。