We are joined by University of Toronto Political Science PhD student and former National Taiwan University student president Ching-Fang Hsu as we ponder the end of student demonstrators’ occupying Taiwan’s parliament for 24 days. We think about questions such as:

  • What is the long term meaning of the Sunflower Movement?
  • How did a new political generation in Taiwan come about?
  • What’s next for this new raw political energy that was unleashed?
  • How will this generation answer the challenge of the unholy trinity of “Governance + China + Globalized Capitalism”?

(Feature photo by Hermes Huang)

The Ketagalan Project

History and culture are the frames that prescribe how we understand the world around us. Our co-hosts present in-depth interviews on how art, culture, history and politics intertwine throughout time and space to connect us. Find out about the cosmopolitan modern Taipei downtown in the 1920s, regional trade, the future of aboriginal culture and more.