If you have been listening to our interviews on Ketagalan Media, you will know that we uncover quite some interesting topics related to Taiwan’s culture, arts and history. For some of our listeners in Taiwan, however, you may not know that there is a very vibrant, active, and diverse yet tightly knit community of Taiwanese Americans in the United States.

Today, Taiwanese Americans range from doctors, lawyers, engineers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, musicians, chefs, and sports players. There are organizations promoting culture, professional careers, public policy, and all sorts of issues. Helping us make sense of all this is HoChie Tsai, who is practically an institution within the Taiwanese American community. We’ll also talk about whether Taiwanese Americans should, or have a right to, be involved in affairs in Taiwan, and about what the third and even fourth generation might do.

Oh, and Jeremy Lin. Here is our interview.

(Photo credit by University of Michigan ITASA 2012 Team)


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