Migrating to and from Taiwan are not just historical facts, but an ongoing reality. Why are graduates of top universities moving to other countries? How does the increase of foreign spouses and laborers from Southeast Asia changing Taiwan’s local communities? Would trade agreements with China really open the door to mass influx of Chinese immigrants? What policies should Taiwan’s government pursue, to solve these issues? We talk to Professor Ji-Ping Lin, of Taiwan’s Academia Sinica, to answer these questions.

  • What is the current migration situation in Taiwan look like, both for people coming in and people leaving Taiwan? Why does it look like that?
  • Are professionals moving more into Taiwan, or moving out of Taiwan?
  • A lot of discontent revolves around this idea of a loophole in the Cross-Straits Services Trade Agreement that will cause massive invasion of Chinese immigrants, and it is reasonable that people are concerned? And what are the current regulations for immigrants from China, and are they different for immigrants from other countries?
  • How would you set or reset Taiwan’s migration policies?

(Feature photo of Xinzhuang, Taipei, from 1934)


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