After the historical 2014 local elections in Taiwan, host Chieh-Ting Yeh checks in with Kharis Templeman, director of Stanford’s Taiwan Democracy Project, and Dennis Weng, Visiting Assistant Professor of Government at Wesleyan University, about what we can expect in the near future for Taiwan’s political development. We also hear from Alysa Chiu, a youth coordinator with Taoyuan’s DPP Cheng Wen-tsan (鄭文燦) campaign, and Shinichi Chen, founder of the Flanc Radical (基進側翼), which fielded five local council candidates.  Among the topics we talked about:

  • Who really won, and who really lost?
  • Will the results tell us who will win 2016 elections?
  • How is this election different, from the impact of young voters and internet or social media campaigns?
  • What advice would we give to the DPP and the KMT going forward?

(Feature photo of Taipei City, view from Maokong)


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