1. Solidarity.tw (http://solidaritytw.tumblr.com)

Each post on Solidarity’s blog is a quick and clear read that, however, also always contains meaningful insight to the topic at hand.  Solidarity often posts his translation of articles from Taiwan media, and as such is also a pretty good source to track news of what’s going on in Taiwan.  I catch up on Solidarity’s posts every morning along with my first cup of coffee.


  1. Frozen Garlic (http://frozengarlic.wordpress.com)

Frozen Garlic’s posts tend to be more elections-slash-Taiwan-politics related.  They’re also much longer reads.  However, his blog is definitely an enjoyable one to follow.  His write-ups about the political rallies he attends almost read like posts from a travel blog, and they give a rare glimpse into what it’s like to be living right there in Taiwan taking part in the political scene.


  1. Taiwan News in English (http://www.facebook.com/groups/565929220186237)

For the less faint-of-heart.  If you have utmost confidence as a follower of Taiwan issues, and just want to see all the news out there to pick out what you want to read, then you should follow this Facebook group.  Every day it will bring a comprehensive and massive set of links from which you can select according to your topics of choice and interest.


  1. The View from Taiwan (http://michaelturton.blogspot.com)

It’s a little harder to pigeonhole Michael Turton’s blog since the posts are so varied, but the View from Taiwan is an established institution within Taiwan blogging that goes way back, before anyone else (it seemed) blogged about Taiwan.  It’s also a great place to get pointers to what else is of note on Taiwan on the internet, since Turton is great about referencing what he finds interesting in his own readings.


  1. Taiwan 2016 at the China Policy Institute Blog (http://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/chinapolicyinstitue/category/taiwan/)

If you’re more hardcore, here’s a place for some deep, scholarly pieces on Taiwan and Taiwan’s elections.  Another good place to get longer, but thoughtful and well-written, posts about Taiwan society is Ben Goren’s Letters from Taiwan (http://lettersfromtaiwan.tw), along with the odd political cartoon.


  1. Formosa Heat (https://twitter.com/FormosaHeat)

Not quite sure what these girls are all about, but it’s nice to break from all the serious talk.  Disclaimer and due warning:  they possess “faint to comprehensive knowledge of Taiwanese politics” and fangirl pretty hard over Freddy Lim.


  1. Elect.tw (http://elect.tw)

The number one place to keep up with the Taiwan elections.  “Be here, don’t miss a second!” is the slogan on Elect.tw’s facebook graphic, and as it suggests, it’s basically the site to follow along with the elections as if you were actually in Taiwan.  Besides collating blog posts from around the internet, Elect.tw contributors on the ground in Taiwan during the elections are posting their thoughts, pictures, and short video clips … so it really is as if you were visiting Taiwan yourself to observe the elections!

(Elect.tw is a joint project by American Citizens for Taiwan, Outreach for Taiwan, Taiwan Corner, and also us here at Ketagalan Media.)



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