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Taiwan’s Path To Marriage Equality

Taiwan’s society has also seen a great deal of foreign influence, conflict and change. The timing for women’s rights, gender rights and sexual orientation seems ripe for Taiwan to recognize marriage equality.







A Time to Realign Policy

Experts speaking at the New Era in US-Taiwan Relations conference discuss the opportunity to realign policy with new administrations in 2016 for both US and Taiwan.

KM 本週回顧第 12 期(10/12/15)


KM Week in Review Issue 12 (10/8/15)

This week, the focus in Taiwan is on the possible change of KMT presidential candidate from Hung to Chu. In the world, the UN General Assembly wraps up and TPP negotiations conclude.

KM 本週回顧第 11 期(10/5/15)


KM Week in Review Issue 11 (10/1/15)

Latest from Taiwan includes shutting Wang out of the legislature, and Ko giving e-gaming some official respect. Elsewhere China and Hillary clash, and the US pulls its spies out of China.

KM Week in Review Issue 8 (9/10/15)

Lien Chan’s return from China, Thailand’s Erawan shrine bombing might be linked to China’s oppression in Xinjiang, and India and Australia team up in the South China Sea.

KM Week in Review Issue 7 (9/3/15)

Long weekend reading includes Lien’s visit to China, Hung’s break from campaigning, and an adult film actress on the EasyCard. Elsewhere, journalist Wang Xiaolu is blamed for stock market problems in China.

KM Week in Review Issue 5 (8/20/15)

Latest from Taiwan includes Ko Wen-je’s visit to Shanghai, and a commando rescue at sea. Elsewhere, search for answers continue after bomb explosion in Thailand, and North Korea and South Korea exchange artillery fire.

KM Week in Review Issue 4 (8/13/15)

The aftermath of typhoon Soudelor, and justice in a case from last year’s Sunflower Movement. Elsewhere, nations continue to strategize as everyone focuses on China’s multiple depreciations of the yuan.

KM Week in Review Issue 3 (8/6/15)

Latest from Taiwan includes conclusion of protests amidst impending natural disaster (hopefully not that bad). Elsewhere, the TPP stalls over disagreement, and the world reflects on Hiroshima during the 70th anniversary of the atomic bomb.

United States Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court announced its landmark ruling to officially legalize same-sex marriage across all 50 states. The decision to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples is a long-waited victory for gay rights activists in the US.

President Ma: US-Taiwan Relations Best in 36 Years

Ma touted that US-Taiwan relations has been at its best in 36 years, and he credits that to his “successful handling” of cross straits relations based on the 1992 Consensus, and a “low-key, surprise-free approach” to dealing with the US.

Kaohsiung First to Register Same-sex Couples

On Thursday, Kaohsiung’s City Government launched a long-waited “Sunny Registration” pilot project for same-sex couples, but some LGBTI activists criticize the project for not having any legal effect.

Labor Benefits Win Big, With Worries

On Friday, May 15, Taiwan’s parliament lowered the maximum normal working hour from 84 hours per two weeks, to 40 hours per week; long term caretakers also get government aid. But some worry about funding and economic competitiveness.

Which Way in Post-Lee Kuan Yew Singapore?

Two paths now appear before Singapore: the first one hopes that there will be many more leaders like Lee to sustain his contributions to Singapore; the second view calls for a transitional opportunity for the society. Signs seem to be pointing to the latter.

Young Music Festival Remembers 228 Incident

The 228 Incident is a massacre in 1947 during which brutal government crackdown left more than tens of thousands of deaths in Taiwan. Young people in Taiwan are commemorating it with a growing annual music festival.

End to Indonesian Caretakers Impacts Taiwan

Since Indonesia announced a ban on Indonesian migrant domestic workers, the plan faces skepticism within Indonesia, while Taiwan begin to look elsewhere to supplement its aging population and shrinking workforce.

New Property Tax Proposal Criticized

Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance has proposed new changes to property taxes in Taiwan, to combat a runaway real estate market. However, the finance ministry’s proposal has been called by KMT and DPP legislators alike as not going far enough.

Ma’s Right Hand Man Bows Out

National Security Council Secretary-General King Pu-tsung (金溥聰), President Ma Ying-jeou’s right hand man, quietly announced his resignation from public office. Does this signal how bad Ma’s ship has sunk?